Agricultural Pest Control

An area not often dealt with and not dealt with by a lot of companies! Rats, Mice and a great many other pests have a huge impact on farm buildings, crops and livestock. 

Stored Product Insects

Such as grain beetles and weevils which can contaminate harvest resulting in loss of profit and reputation with customers. Rabbits- rapidly breeding as the old saying goes. We have several techniques to combat and control rabbits which can take out vast amounts of vegetation in a short space of time to help aid a farmer in his profits and overall success of his crop.

Corvids & Pigeons

Both destructive in their own respective categories. Both eat crops and animal feed resulting in droppings around buildings and damage to profits on crops.


One of the most under estimated and destructive pests in the UK. We understand their predatory habits. Foxes can be very territorial and once establishing a food source they will return and becoming increasingly aggressive. Foxes will make multiple kills in a single night causing vast amounts of damage to livestock property and even pets. We have several methods to remove foxes humanely depending on customer needs and environment.